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Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance

Life Insurance – Protecting your family or business

in the event of an unexpected death can be one

of the most important things you can do. 


There are several different options to meet

those needs:

Term – A great way to get a lot of coverage at an

economical premium. Typically comes in

increments of 10, 20, 30 year policies.

Whole Life – If you are looking for a policy that

will last as long as you do then whole life might be

the option for you. Whole Life provides many

living benefits as well as providing a death benefit.

Universal Life – A Hybrid of Term and Whole Life, Universal Life provides pairs flexibility with many of the same living benefits of a Whole Life Policy.

Disability Insurance – A person’s greatest asset is their ability to earn an income. In the event that you become injured or have a long term illness you could face higher bills while your income is lowered. Most group disability plans only pay between 30-40% of your current income after taxes are taken out. This can affect your ability not only to pay day to day bills but also save long term. Disability insurance is a great tool to keep your income closer to 90% in the event of a long term disability.

Long Term Care – People turning 65 today have a 70% chance to have a long term care event at some point. The average cost in Alabama for a stay at a long term care facility was $85,000/year in 2019. This could have a drastic impact on your retirement savings and any legacy you want to leave behind to your love ones.    

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