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Home Insurance

Policies Offered:

Traditional Home Insurance, Renters/Tenant Insurance, Landlord/Rental Home Insurance,

Mobile Home Insurance, Vacation Home Coverage

Terms to Know:

Replacement Value - provides enough coverage to rebuild your home with the same fixtures and materials as it exists today. Different carriers offer different extended coverage option to buffer against increased material or labor cost at the time of claim. Our team is dedicated to reviewing your policy every year to make sure as your needs change your policy does too.


Actual Cash Value - offers a percentage of the Rebuild costs depending on several variables. This is often a great option when there is a large gap between the rebuild value and the market value of the home.

Deductible – the deductible is what will be paid out of pocket by the insured in the event of a claim. The lower the deductible the higher the premium typically is and vice versa. Deductibles are a great way to keep premiums lower on both home and auto policies. 

Endorsements – each Insurance company offers different endorsements that can help maximize your protection from the unknown and in some cases provide discounts. Examples of endorsements are: sink hole, earthquake, water leak, cyber/identity theft, and sewer/drainage backup protection. Our team will review these endorsements to make sure they meet your needs. 

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